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*Sketching in the Rocks with Liz Steel

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In this workshop we will be looking at how to sketch quickly on location with ink and wash. The Rocks area is a perfect part of Sydney to learn these skills as it’s full of interesting street scenes with lots of different layers of history.

The secret to quick sketching is not trying to draw and paint at a furious pace. Instead it’s being intentional about what we sketch and simplifying the scene in front of us. Saying more with less.

So in this workshop we will be looking at how to determine the important edges and the big shapes when we look at a scene. And then how to create a focus and tell an interesting personal story about what we like most about the scene. When should we sketch a big scene, and why should we zoom in and just focus on a detail. And along the way we will learn lots of tips for making our lines stronger and our watercolour more lively.

This workshop has been designed for people with some sketching experience (ie. not absolute beginners).

If you are interested to see more of Liz's work please visit her website. www.lizsteel.com

TUTOR Liz Steel

VENUE  12 Argyle place, Millers point Sydney 2000

DATE   21st - 22nd  February

TIME  10.00am - 4pm

COST  Sold out

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