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*Boro Bag with Liz Gemmell

 A bag from recycled garments

2days- 10am to 4.30pm.
Boro is a Japanese traditional form of mending garments. Fabric was a precious commodity in Japan and mending and patching garments was a necessity but now Boro has become a fashion statement plus a recycler’s dream. Boro means tattered, torn, threadbare and simple stitching was used to patch the essential garments and cloths of domestic life.
We will use this method to make a piece of art from our collective patches. The bag is a simple rectangle folded and stitched to turn it into a shoulder bag. You will be making a lining for the bag in the identical method. One side will be denim pieces and the lining will be pieces from check shirts. Stitching will be the simple running stitch. 
Indigo was the favoured dye in Japan. Indigo is now very desirable colour in fashion.
The bag we will make uses old used garments such as men’s check shirts and worn, faded jeans all available from you own wardrobe or charity shops.
The colour theme will be blue and students will share scraps from each others’ stash.
If using old jeans, wash them first then unpick carefully as the seam allowances, hems and stitched on pockets leave unfaded lines of their former use and add to the design of your boro patchwork. Unpicking is a slow process, but essential to the philosophy behind Boro. 
Chose blue check shirts, men's shirts have a large range of checks but feel free to divert into multi coloured check shirts if its your colour style. Try to find shirts that do not have a lot of white in the check. I have often over-dyed checks on white background  to make the checks more intense. A simple dyeing session can be made available during class time.
We can use the pockets from shirts and jeans to stitch onto the bag on both outside and inside of the bag

Venue 12 Argyle place, Millers point Sydney 2000

Date   9th 10th February

Time   10.00am - 4.30pm

Cost - $200

Materials to bring along-

2 check shirts, unpick the pockets and cuffs.
Washed and unpicked jeans - optional.
Sharp sewing needles with a large eye for stitching
Crochet cotton for stitching, size of cotton will be advised after enrolment
Tape measure
Thimble - optional
Note book and pencil



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